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'Cowboys & Aliens' Theatrical Trailer (by makingof)

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Rebecca Black: a uniter, not a divider.

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ShortFormBlog: Tumblr vs. WordPress: Don't forget the community

Posted on Monday, 11 April


“Putting aside the flack Tumblr has gotten for their downtime issues of late, they seem to have captured a segment of the market that wants and desires simplicity. WordPress, for all it’s amazing innovation these past few years striving to become the top dawg in the CMS space,…

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Naked man with AK-47 fires at SWAT robot

Posted on Saturday, 9 April


Every detail of this story is bizarre.

Today I learned the names of the characters in Inception are: Dom, Robert, Eames, Arthur, Mal, Saito. Note the first letters. Inceptionally blown.

Posted on Saturday, 9 April

Huh. Never thought of that.



nolan, you sly bitch.

WHAT! How is there STILL stuff to unpack from Inception? Impressive.

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What A Government Shutdown Might Look Like

Posted on Wednesday, 6 April


(WASHINGTON) — No one in Washington is saying what exactly a government shutdown would entail if lawmakers can’t reach a deal before Friday on the 2011 fiscal budget, or at least come up with another continuing resolution so things can operate for another week while they keep negotiating.

But if the last shutdown — which spanned 21 days from 1995 into 1996 — is any guide, here’s what might happen initially:

1. No clean-up of toxic waste at Superfund sites.

2. Nobody answering hotlines at the National Institutes of Health.

3. No work on delinquent child-support or bankruptcy cases.

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Julianne Moore as Hillary Clinton


2008 just crept up behind me. Whoa.

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Woman single-handedly cuts off two countries from Internet

Posted on Wednesday, 6 April


Woman was digging for scrap metal when she came across a fiber optic cable “which runs through Georgia to Armenia”…  she then proceeded to cut into the cable with intentions of stealing it.

Posted on Wednesday, 6 April



What’s Inside Glenn Beck’s Brain?

Glenn Beck has announced that he “intends to transition off of his daily program” on Fox News later this year. It’s not clear what killed The Glenn Beck Show—perhaps it was the fleeing advertisers or the shrinking audiences. Or perhaps it was the increasingly bizarro obsessions and labyrinthine conspiracy theories, which we’ve attempted to catalog in this map of the inner workings of Beck’s brain.

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Glad to see phrenology is alive and well, if only in satire.